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My personal Faith as a Massorite Talmidi Jew

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Sharing My Faith

How my faith shapes the way I live my life...

I think the biggest impact that my faith has on how I live, is that I do not judge others. Also, it affects how I project my faith. I value the Talmidi teaching to go about one's faith with humility, which means that I do not believe that we have all the answers. We are constantly searching. I am not defensive, I do not feel the need to convince others that I am right and they are wrong. I try to understand where someone is coming from, even if I might disagree with them.

I enjoy practising the customs and traditions of my community. It is my heritage, and I bear in mind that it is meant to be a stepping stone to making me into a better person. In doing, I become. I feel calm and at peace when I practice traditional customs.

Talmidaism has given me spiritual peace, and given me hope in the future. It has brought me closer to God, and the close Presence of God has been a source of great strength to me.

Lighting the menorah at a home prayer service


Here I might include a link to an organization for which I do volunteer work or that otherwise helps me find a way to act on my beliefs.